Service at Hotel-Pension Michele

Front desk (Reception)

The reception is open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. For your convenience, check-in can be done until 01.00 am. For this may be a small additional fee.

Employees of the reception will answer all your questions related to the presence in Berlin and stay in our hotel.

Room service

The room service is daily. We pay great attention to cleanliness and hygiene of rooms and bathroom. nodes.

Luggage storage

After Check-out, you can for some time leave your luggage in a special room, just make this request to the front desk.

Taxi ordering

Berlin is a huge city, and despite the heavy traffic, the taxi is still the best means of transportation.

Compared to other German cities, the use a taxi in Berlin is cheaper. Our receptionists will help you to order a taxi with pleasure.

Parking of private vehicles

Directly in front of the hotel “Michele” and the streets adjacent to it, parking is free.

Attention! On Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Winterfeldtplatz is held a street market and vehicle parking on the surrounding streets from 06:00 am till 5 pm is limited. Please watch carefully for signs regulating parking.

Iron and ironing board

You can get it by contacting the front desk.

Use of the internet

The facilities for wireless surfing in the internet or the dispatch of E-mails using a WLAN- compatible laptop or PDA are provided free of charge.

Cash Machine (ATM)

The cash machine of  «Berliner Volksbank» is located in front of the main hotel entrance and it works 24 hours a day.

Smoking in the Hotel Michele

All of the hotel is non-smoking. For the violation may be imposed a fine of 100 euros for each case (including smoking out the window in the bathroom, and so on. N.).

Staying in the hotel pets

When booking, you can discuss stay pets in the hotel.