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Shopping in Berlin

Berlin is considered to be an inexpensive city. Nevertheless the quality of products and services is always at the highest level.

Twice a week, on Wednesdays from 8 am to 2 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm, the most well-known and largest weekly market in Berlin takes place on Winterfeldtplatz. On some days, up to 250 stalls will be on display, offering fresh food, beautiful flowers and original Berlin souvenirs. On these days, you can easily give up your traditional breakfast in the café and take a little time to stroll around the market, to taste different fruits and vegetables, house cheese and sausage, traditional sausages or smoked fish and a pleasant to enjoy cold beer. The positive impressions and delicious taste experiences are guaranteed to sweeten the whole day!

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel and numerous bus stops there is a number of exclusive boutiques, antique bookstores and shops. A shopaholics paradise continues just a few hundred meters further from Hotel “Michele” with the department store “KaDeWe”, which is the second largest department store in Europe. This shopping center has 43 th. square meters of retail space, seven floors and over a quarter of a million items of goods.

Behind the KaDeWe there are more shops on both sides of the central street of Berlin, the Kurfürstendamm (in short: “Kudamm”), such as the “Peek & Cloppenburg” and “Karstadt” as well as many other popular shops and boutiques. For every shopping budget you will find the right shopping places.

You will certainly be able to find high-quality, beautiful and fashionable clothes and shoes at very reasonable prices.

Shopping in Berlin — Map of the Shopping Areas


  • Kasten Mode Accessoires: Winterfeldtstraße 37
  • Shemo Friseurmeister: Winterfeldtstraße 37
  • Macke Boutique: Winterfeldtstraße 38
  • Calla Naturkosmetik: Winterfeldtstraße 38
  • Geldautomat: Winterfeldtstraße 42
  • Modeträume: Winterfeldtstraße 44
  • Antiquariat Neumann: Winterfeldtstraße 44
  • Querschnitt Weine: Winterfeldtstraße 46
  • Papeterie Moranga: Winterfeldtstraße 46
  • Vio: Winterfeldtstraße 46
  • Constant Balance: Winterfeldtstraße 47
  • Finest Whisky: Winterfeldtstraße 48
  • Goldschmiede Schmuckbotschaften: Winterfeldtstraße 50
  • Antiquariat Mertens & Pomplun: Winterfeldtstraße 51
  • Ono Koon: Winterfeldtstraße 51
  • Winterfeldtstraße 52
  • Antiquariat Schend: Winterfeldtstraße 54
  • Antiquariat Ihring: Winterfeldtstraße 54
  • KörperVitalis: Winterfeldtstraße 56
  • Raumhaus: Winterfeldtstraße 60
  • Ölmühle Berlin: Winterfeldtstraße 66


  • Apotheke: Maaßenstraße 3
  • Körpernah Dessous: Maaßenstraße 8
  • GOLDelse: Maaßenstraße 8
  • Extrascharf Optiker: Maaßenstraße 8
  • Herrenmode Boyz-r-us: Maaßenstraße 8
  • Schuhbidu: Maaßenstraße 11
  • Hirschmann Mode: Maaßenstraße 12
  • Supermarkt: Maaßenstraße 14


  • Haarwerkstatt Schöneberg: Nollendorfstraße 15
  • Fräulein Anders: Nollendorfstraße 28


  • Geldautomat: Nollendorfplatz 3-4
  • Supermarkt: Nollendorfplatz 8-9


  • Mimi: Goltzstraße 5
  • Das Alte Bureau: Goltzstraße 18
  • Hobbyshop Wilhelm Rüther: Goltzstraße 37
  • VAMPyr deluxe: Goltzstraße 39
  • Chatwins-Buchhandlung: Goltzstraße 40
  • Avia & Amica: Goltzstraße 45
  • Moderne Zeiten: Goltzstraße 49


  • Deco Arts Interiors: Motzstraße 6
  • Berlin Guitars: Motzstraße 9
  • Buchladen Eisenherz: Motzstraße 23

 Eisenacher Straße

  • Grammophon-Salon-Schumacher: Eisenacher Straße 11
  • Zauberberg Friseur: Eisenacher Straße 12


  • TopClean Textilpflege: Martin-Luther-Straße 22
  • 360 Rad: Martin-Luther-Straße 34