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How to reach the place you are interested in Berlin from the Hotel “Michele”

We will help you get directions from our hotel to anywhere in Berlin, and calculate the length of time spent in transit.

  • Please enter a full address in Berlin, including street, house number, postal code and city name.
  • For example: Tauentzienstrasse. 21-24, 10789 Berlin (this is the address of the world famous trading house Kaufhaus des Westens, abbreviated KaDeWe).
  • Then press the cursor on the “Show Route” button.
  • Thereafter, on the monitor of your computer you will see a map showing the route and the distance from the hotel to the KaDeWe – 1,2 km. By specifying a method of movement (eg, walking), you can easily determine that from our hotel to the KaDeWe you reach 15 minutes.
Enter Destination Address

(for example: Potsdamer Platz, Berlin)

Leisure in Berlin

We are happy to acquaint you with the tourist destinations and attractions, as well as a program of cultural events in Berlin.

We will gladly help you to develop an individual program of familiarization with the sights of Berlin and Potsdam, will give the necessary recommendations for shopping, advice what cultural events you have to visit. We can help you purchase tickets for bus and boat tours in Berlin and Potsdam, as well as in other cities in Germany and Western Europe. We show you how you can buy cheap tickets for concerts, theater, musicals, discos and clubs (which are deservedly considered the best in Germany).

Back to the Hotel Michele!

Your way back to the hotel can take more time, because you will be burdened with numerous packages and bags with high-quality clothes and souvenirs you purchased in the neighboring stores and KaDeWe. Do not torture yourself — take a taxi, and you drive to the hotel for a couple of minutes for just 5.00 euros (a short distances up to 2km, called Kurzstrecke). When planting, the driver will only need to say in pure German “Kurzstrecke” and show a note with the address of our hotel. Expressions of immense happiness with his face you can not see, but to the end he will take you. Practice, please, at your leisure.

Keep in mind that this rate does not work if you call a taxi by phone or Internet, or if you catch the car at the taxi rank – you need to try with a slight wave of your hand to stop the sweeping by taxi.

Good luck! We are sure — you will succeed.