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Breakfast, lunch, dinner and bars

You can enjoy your breakfast on the ground floor of our building (breakfast starting at 4,90 € ) or in the many cafes, inexpensive bakeries and affordable restaurants right next to the hotel that offer great breakfast options for early birds and gourmets. Something for every taste and wallet! Currently we don‘t serve breakfast, but you will for sure find something suitable in the area!

Right next to our hotel are numerous cafes and affordable restaurants with various cuisines where you can have a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We are also surrounded by great bars, which will make sure that your cravings for a cold German beer or a fancy cocktail will be calmed.

Do not worry, you will not starve here for sure.

We wish you a pleasant and interesting stay in Berlin. We hope you‘ll be pleased with Berlin‘s tourism as well as its gastronomy.

Berlin Schöneberg map for breakfast options

Restaurants, cafés & bars in the Winterfeldtstraße (Winterfeldt street)

  • Café Moccas: Winterfeldtstraße 2
  • Boccacelli: Winterfeldtstraße 34
  • Belmundo: Winterfeldtstraße 36
  • Winterfeldt Diner: Winterfeldtstraße 39
  • Aki Tatsu Sushi & More: Winterfeldtstraße 40
  • AMRIT: Winterfeldtstraße 40
  • Papaya: Winterfeldtstraße 42
  • Miss Honeypenny: Winterfeldtstraße 44
  • Berkis: Winterfeldtstraße 45
  • Miss Zucker: Winterfeldtstraße 46
  • Green Door Bar: Winterfeldtstraße 50
  • Restaurant April: Winterfeldtstraße 56
  • Restaurant Winterfeld: Winterfeldtstraße 58

Restaurants, cafés & bars in the Maaßenstraße (Maaßen street)

  • Keb’up House: Maaßenstraße 2
  • Reza Café: Maaßenstraße 4
  • Maibach: Maaßenstraße 5
  • Cafe Berio: Maaßenstraße 7
  • Xara Cafe Lounge: Maaßenstraße 7
  • Hasir: Maaßenstraße 10
  • Maxway Coffee: Maaßenstraße 13
  • Boussi Falafel: Maaßenstraße 14
  • Eckstein: Maaßenstraße 14 / Ecke Winterfeldtstr. 42

Restaurants, cafés & bars in the Goltzstraße (Goltz street)

  • Sorgenfrei: Goltzstraße 18
  • Slumberland Bar: Goltzstraße 24
  • Mamsell: Goltzstraße 48

Restaurants, Cafés & bars in the Motzstraße (Motz street)

  • Zsa Zsa Burger: Motzstraße 28
  • More: Motzstraße 28
  • Sissi: Motzstraße 34
  • Osteria Ribaltone: Motzstraße 54