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Using Wireless Internet Access in our Hotel

Dear Guest,
in order to make use of our Internet connection more easier and safe as possible, check please the following basic rules:

As far as possible use a browser with 128-bit SSL encryption

The latest versions of popular browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera) are designed to this standard.

Protect your computer (PC) with  current virus protection programs and a Firewall

Install antivirus software on your PC and update it regularly. Make sure that your computer is save free from viruses, worms or Trojans. We also recommend you  to install on your computer a Firewall and an Anti-Spy software and also regulary update it. Please note that the Internet connection, which we provide, is not protected from viruses and the Firewall.

Keep your operating system up-to-date

Please install the required updates and patches for the operating system of your PC regularly and promptly.

Protect your data even if the loss of your PC

You should protect your PC and important files with passwords. Thus should be regularly changed. Do not save your passwords on you hard disk. Set your conputer available only to the people which you trust. We recommend you regularly create a backup of your data.

Restart the browser if the Internet connection fails

In connection errors, please close the broser and restart it. Make sure that your passwords input is corretly. Please close the broser after you finish browsing session.

Be careful with unknown files or e-mail attachments

Do not open files of unknown origin, or files that you have not requested.

Do not visit any websites with criminal content

This is especially true for the pages with inciting or child pornography, pages that guide to crime or violence, glorify or trivialize surfaces or pages that suitable for children or teenagers morally difficult to pose a threat.

Do not participate in dubious or illegal filesharing

Be careful with downloading and uploading files, especially movies, images and music, remember that it may be protected by copyright. Violation of such rights may lead to legal action against you for compensation.

Availability, suitability or reliability of Internet access

We do not guarantee the actual availability, suitability or reliability of Internet access for any purpose.

Limitation of liability

We are not responsible for any damage to your PC while using our Internet. It is not include those cases where the damages caused intentionally or by gross negligence.

We are not responsible for the content of the sites, which you visit, or for downloaded files. In addition, we also do not carry responsibility for any viruses gained during your Internet sessions.


We are released from all claims by third persons, if you illegally use our Inernet access, especially if you have neglected above recommendations.

Privacy policy

As far as we in the context of Internet use collect your data via our Internet access, it will be handled in strict accordance with the data protection regulations.

Breach of the terms and conditions

In violation of the any above conditions using the Internet, we will be forced to restrict access to the Internet or even lock it. If you lose your data in this situation — we are not responsible for it.

More information

There is a time limit of using our Internet connection. Access is possible with the password input. It is forbidden of transfer it to the onther person.

For questions or problems with the internet – our reception (Tel: +49 30 21962761) is ready to help you.